Peter & Astrid Cripps
tenor guitar and piano accordian
English country dance music at its best!

Whether you want Peter and Astrid as a duo, playing lively dance tunes - jigs, polkas, reels, and waltzes, or Peter solo, playing gentle relaxing guitar music, you have come to the right place!

    We often play at events, like the Gloucester Tall Ships Festival, or Victorian Market, or entertain at residential and nursing homes, and are very often invited back for a return visit! We have recently completed our 350th engagement as a duo!

    We can play totally acoustically, or with discreet amplification, and are fully insured. Our prices are very reasonable!

    We can dress appropriately for your event, in Victorian/Edwardian fashion, casually, or even in white tuxedo!

    To provide some contrast, Astrid sometimes plays fiddle​​, and Peter his zanzithophone (digital horn).

Contact us at or on 01452 780401

See us on Facebook as 'PeterAstridCripps'

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